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M88 Class II Tactical Steel Helmet

M88 Class II Tactical Steel Helmet

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PASGT fully adjustable steel tactical helmet.  A staple for any dangerous situation.  

Product Description: This helmet consists of lower jaw belt, upper helmet hanger system and helmet cover. The inside of the bulletproof helmet is adjustable, comfortable and has a strong cushioning function.


  • Material:  Steel M88
  • Model: M88
  • Weight: 1.2KG
  • Anti-ballistic performance: Effectively prevent 54-type 7.62mm pistol and 51-type 7.62mm pistol bullets (lead core) within the specified range. Bulletproof level two. The bulletproof helmet is tested at a distance of 5M.
  • Environmental adaptability in water (the maximum height of bullet damage on the back is 7.5MM), high temperature (the maximum height of bullet damage on the back is 7.5MM), and low temperature (the maximum height of bullet damage on the back is 6.5MM). After the test, the phenomenon of no cracks, blistering and delamination on the surface can be maintained. Class ballistic performance
  • Dimensions: Long axis L: 246mm * Short axis B: 225mm * Height H: 171mm Product structure: The helmet consists of a helmet shell, a chin strap, and a helmet top suspension system. Material quality: 2.0MM bulletproof steel plate Protected area: 0.13㎡ Helmet quality: "1.96kg
  • Chin strap device Hang a 45KG weight in the center of the chin strap. Within 3 minutes, the attachment did not break or slip off, and the emergency trip did not disengage or damage. Flame retardancy: The flame of the helmet shell will self-extinguish within 5s Shooting distance: 5 meters Shooting parts: front, back, left, right and top of the head Bullet speed: 421M/S-441M/S
  • Suitable for head circumference: one size E (20.4 inch-24.4 inch)
  • protective material: ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.
  • level of protection: IIIA.
  • product characteristics: the tested surface is elastic and adaptable to the environment (high temperature 55 ℃ ± 2 ℃, constant temperature 3H), and the performance of the tested items meet the industry standard.
  • flame retardant performance: two burning places, the maximum continuous burning time ≤ 2S.
  • Protection area: ≤ 0.126 ㎡
  • product weight: ≥ 1.41kg
  • Executive standard: the product meets the requirements of IIIA (actually reaching level 3). Passed inspection of the Bulletproof Equipment Quality Monitoring and Inspection Center in Y weapons industry .
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