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Portable Purification Water Filter

Portable Purification Water Filter

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The Miniwell L630 Personal Camping Purification Water Filter Straw is the ultimate tool for preppers and survivalists. With its advanced filtration technology, it can remove up to 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, providing clean and safe drinking water in any situation.

This compact and lightweight filter is perfect for camping, hiking, and emergency situations, as it can be easily carried in a backpack or survival kit. The Miniwell L630 is also very easy to use - simply dip the straw into the water source and drink directly from it. With its long lifespan and durable design, this water filter straw is a must-have for anyone who values preparedness and survival skills.


  • Filtration Pore Size: 0.1micron
  • Size: 40*136mm
  • NW: 40g
  • Material: ABS, UF(medical grade), Silicone
  • Filtration Capacity: 2000L
  • Water flow: 0.6L/min

Key Features:


1. FILTER: Filters up to 2000 liters of natural fresh water without using any chemicals. 2000L clean and drinkable water in a backpack on the go.

2. VERSATILE DESIGN: Easily set up. A true DIY filtration system with use via any type of soda bottle, plastic bag, collapsible bottle or bucket. You can also drink directly from the water source with the included straw.

3. BACK-FLUSHING WITH EASE: Threads on filter both sides. A handy 28mm threaded bottle can be screwed on water filter outlet for back washing.

4. Reliable filtering result: 0.1 micron membrane ensures 99.999999% removal rate of bacteria. TUV and SGS testing reports.

5. Superior material: FDA approved. Impact resistance and ultra-light L630 fits in the palm of your hand. Lifespan can be extended by backwash. This is a great choice for any camping, hiking, fishing, scouting, travel, military, survival use, or emergence use.

Filter lifespan can be extended by backwash.

Back flush can rinse away impurities that the membrane has filtered from the water. Threads on filter both sides. A handy 28mm threads bottle can be screwed on the filter's water outlet for back washing. No need to keep a syringe on the go anymore.


Back washing:

1) When the flow rate slows, the water filter can be back-flushed with ease. Must use clean water only while back-flushing.

2) Before storing the water filter, back-flush with clean water and then soak in a mild vinegar solution or mouthwash to disinfect the filter.

3) After cleaning, let the filter air dry and store in a cool and dry location.

4) Shelf Life: 5 years. After initial wetting: 3 years.

Accessories included
  1. 1 Personal water filter L630 with tip cap
  2. Bucket or plastic bag connector
  3. Hose clip
  4. Silicone hose

Reliable Technology

This portable water filter L630 uses 0.1-micron ultra filtration membrane (medical grade material) as filter media, which is effective against 99.99999% waterborne bacteria. The entire filtering process is physical based filtration system. Bacteria will not be able to pass through the 0.1-mciron membrane.


Q: How often do I need to backwash the system? A: It depends on the quality of the water source. When you feel the flow rate slows down, backwash can improve the flow rate. (Note: To extend filter life, always use the best freshwater source you can access. If raw water is cloudy, please wait for the sediment to settle out until water appears clear and then use the water above the sediment.)

Q: Can I use water filtered from the system itself to backwash the filter? A: Yes. Filtered water from the filter can be used to backwash. Collects filtered water by a clean soda bottle. Screw clean soda plastic bottle on the filter's water outlet. Invert and squeeze the clean water bottle to backwash the filter.

Q: How do I know when its time to replace the filter? A: No water flows out from the water filter even though you backwash the filter a couple of times. The filtration pores on the membrane are nearly blocked. It's time to replace the filter.

Q: Does this work on E.coli and parasites like Giardia and Cryptosporidium? A: Yes. This filter is capable of filtering 99.9% bacteria and parasites.

Q: Can this filter remove unpleasant taste in raw water? A: Hollow fiber(UF membrane) can not remove unpleasant taste and pigment in raw water. L630 is the most basic filtration system for freshwater filtration with 99.9% removal rate of all bacteria. If you would like to improve the taste of water, please contact us directly and we will be able to recommend our other filters (not listed on this site currently).

Q: Does it filter saltwater? A: No. The filtration pore size on the membrane is 0.1 micron. Dissolved salt passes through a 0.1 micron membrane. In other words, it keeps minerals from natural freshwater sources in filtered water.

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