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Windproof Triple Torch Lighter

Windproof Triple Torch Lighter

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This high-quality windproof gas butane lighter with triple torch flame and three nozzles is the perfect tool for preppers and survivalists who need a reliable source of fire in any situation. Its metal construction ensures durability, and the torch flame is powerful enough to withstand even the strongest winds. 

This versatile lighter is ideal for starting fires, lighting stoves and barbecues, and even as a self-defense tool in an emergency situation. Whether you're camping in the wilderness, preparing for a disaster, or simply looking for a reliable tool to keep in your survival kit, this lighter is an essential item for any prepper or survivalist.


  • Material: Metal
  • Torch Size: 83*18*23mm
  • One Triple Torch Size: 86*25*8mm
  • Three Triple Torch Weight: 80 g
  • One Triple Torch Weight: 70 g
  • Function: Windproof
  • Lighter oil type: Butane gas
  • Additional notes: Butane not included.  Sold separately.  Needs to be  fill with butane gas before first use. 
  • **There are Three torch or One torch options, Please Pay attention while purchasing
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