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Survival Kits and premade bug out bags

Our first survival product test of the two man inflatable Challenger Raft. The maiden voyage took place crossing the Great Raritan Bay(Photo taken circa 94-95')

John Doroba United States Marine Corps.

  John  bedding down during Marine Corp. Combat Training at the School of Infantry (2000).

Prep-Pros Survival Bag

 Standard 72 hour Survival Bag (>50 items)


Hello preppers and welcome to our site.
We are two life long friends who have always had the curiosity of testing the latest and greatest survival gear and products. With much trial and error, we finally decided to create a place where people interested in self reliance could gather to find a one stop shop to achieve useful basic preparedness. We soon agreed that this is something that could benefit us all.
With John's tactical military training under his belt, we felt confident and up to the task to begin brainstorming and researching some of the most important aspects of self reliance and preparedness. This site is dedicated to products that serve to achieve this goal for the individual, the family and ultimately the communities we serve. Living in a place and time where everything is at our finger tips makes it more difficult to place ourselves in a mind set where we would have a need to plan for the worst case scenario. Most of us take for granted the abilities that were lost to create our modern society.
We hope this site succeeds at providing practical and reliable pre-made bug out bags, specific survival kits and individual products that are well researched and proven to give great results. Our mission is to take the guess work out of what is essential for the basic and entry level prepper by hand selecting vetted products that are worthy of the rigors of survival.
Whenever possible we will source our products from the USA building relationships with manufacturers so that we can provide you with survival tools that deliver their intended purpose for years to come, tools that you can feel proud to own.


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