Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

Survival and Readiness with pre-made bugout bags and survival packs.

A Practical and Effective Approach to Pre Made Bug Out Bags

We take the guess work out of prepping

Enjoy pre-made, hand-selected 72 hour readiness bug out bags curated exclusively for specific situations including Basic Readiness Bag (>50 individual items), Natural Disaster Survival Bag (coming soon)or opt in for a basic 36 Piece Multi Use Survival Med Kit.

Here is just a sampling of what is included in your Basic Readiness Bag:

Turn Key bags are warehoused in NJ. Overnight delivery if the need arises

  • 80L Waterproof Tactical Bug out Bag
  • 1 (2kcal per/day) MRE supply with heater
  • Portable H20 purification filter w/20L folding water bag
  • Personal Hygienic Products
  • Illumination needs/Solar Tactical Flashlights/String Lights/LED re-chargeable Head Lamps and more
  • Multi faceted Self Reliance products including Flash Warmth Blanket
  • 2 First Aid Kits
  • 2 Collapsible E-Tools
  • Solar Powered Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA radio
  • Solar Powered Battery Bank Charger
  • And much more
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  • Pre made home readiness bags and survival kits


  • Pre made home readiness and survival kits

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  • Pre made home readiness bags and survival kits

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Tactical Body Armor Set

Configurable and durable. Our Tactical Body Armor is adjustable to fit most sizes. Available in Dessert Tan, Tactical Black, Grey and Multi Camo. Great for tactical self defense, paintball or any type of close quarter/hand to hand self defense combat. This item is not bullet proof rated.

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Our Mission

To offer individuals, reliable and high-quality survival products, including premade bug out bags, 72-hour survival kits, and emergency survival kits. We aim to enhance your preparedness skills and ensure your safety during unexpected emergencies, while building a community of valued customers who trust us to provide the best survival products available. Shop now to join our community and be prepared for any emergency.

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