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36 Piece Multi Use Survival First Aid Kit

Get prepared for anything with our Basic Survival Kit. Perfect for preppers and survivalists, it includes a tactical flashlight, folding knife, fire starter, whistle, compass, and survival blanket—all in a compact, waterproof case. Stay safe and ready for any emergency.

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Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

Survival and Readiness with pre-made bugout bags and survival packs.

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A Practical and Effective Approach to Pre Made Bug Out Bags

We take the guess work out of prepping

Enjoy pre-made, hand-selected 72 hour readiness bug out bags curated exclusively for specific situations including Basic Readiness Bag (>50 individual items), Natural Disaster Survival Bag (coming soon)or opt in for a basic 36 Piece Multi Use Survival Med Kit.

Here is just a sampling of what is included in your Basic Readiness Bag:

Turn Key bags are warehoused in NJ. Overnight delivery if the need arises

  • 80L Waterproof Tactical Bug out Bag
  • 1 (2kcal per/day) MRE supply with heater
  • Portable H20 purification filter w/20L folding water bag
  • Personal Hygienic Products
  • Illumination needs/Solar Tactical Flashlights/String Lights/LED re-chargeable Head Lamps and more
  • Multi faceted Self Reliance products including Flash Warmth Blanket
  • 2 First Aid Kits
  • 2 Collapsible E-Tools
  • Solar Powered Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA radio
  • Solar Powered Battery Bank Charger
  • And much more
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  • Pre made home readiness bags and survival kits


  • Pre made home readiness and survival kits

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  • Pre made home readiness bags and survival kits

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Our Mission

To offer individuals, reliable and high-quality survival products, including premade bug out bags, 72-hour survival kits, and emergency survival kits. We aim to enhance your preparedness skills and ensure your safety during unexpected emergencies, while building a community of valued customers who trust us to provide the best survival products available. Shop now to join our community and be prepared for any emergency.

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